Someone is sitting in the shade today because
someone planted a tree a long time ago.

Warren Buffett

GIV3 is a movement to encourage more Canadians to be more giving.

GIV3 is a registered Canadian charity1. We host and support charitable activities which encourage everybody to be more giving by volunteering and donating to registered charities of their choice.

The movement stands on three pillars: Giving, Inspiring others and Volunteering. GIV3 engages Canadian charities and the public in activities to encourage these behaviours.

GIV3 was inspired by our founder’s Granny. Watch this story about how she taught a generation how to be caring, connected and charitable. Anyone can make a difference!


After Black Friday & Cyber Monday Take the Time to Give Back

GivingTuesday is a global day of giving that falls annually after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. GIV3 and CanadaHelps are co-founders of GivingTuesday in Canada. The movement now engages more than 7,000 charities and businesses and millions of Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

Check out the latest impact results from GivingTuesday by visiting the website below.


The Great Canadian Giving Challenge

Your Donation Could Make a BIG Difference For the Charity of Your Choice

The Great Canadian Giving Challenge is a public contest to benefit any registered Canadian charity, occurring annually in June. Every $1 donated to a registered charity on, automatically enters the charity to win a $10,000 donation awarded on Canada Day.

Check out the latest impact results from The Great Canadian Giving Challenge by visiting the website below.

The Great Canadian Giving Challenge

The Philanthropic Conversation

Providing financial advisors the tools to engage conversations about charitable giving

GIV3, in collaboration with other non-profit sector leaders, is working to help Financial Advisors engage their affluent clients in conversations about charitable giving. In 2014, we undertook a ground-breaking research study on the topic. We subsequently published The Philanthropic Conversation e-Book and printed booklet as a resource for Financial Advisors, highlighting the various opportunities revealed by the research. The e-Book can be downloaded free-of-charge from our partner, Sector3Insights.

We look forward to continuing this important initiative through the distribution and development of training materials for webinars and conference sessions.

The Philanthropic Conversation

Increase The Grants

We Need Your Voice (Not Your Money)

IncreaseTheGrants is a movement to lobby the federal government to consider increasing the required Distribution Quota of charitable foundations to (1) stop accumulating greater wealth and to (2) increase their granting to struggling charities. These are our tax dollars in play. We need foundations to do better, and you can help by signing our online petition, using our easy ‘email-your-elected-official’ app, and/or sharing in social media. Please join the movement…

Increase The Grants

The Billion Dollar Opportunity

What would our society look like if we were all as generous as our Grandparents?

All of the GIV3 programs to date are part of a greater vision: The Billion Dollar Opportunity. This is a multi-year, multi-faceted vision to inspire more giving, similar to ParticipACTION, but for the non-profit sector.

If Canadians returned to their giving behaviour of a generation ago, at just 1% of their taxable income (up from today’s 0.7% average), it would generate in excess of $2 BILLION more for the sector annually. This requires long-term thinking and will likely take a generation to reverse our current declining charitable behaviour, but the size of the opportunity compels us all to try.

A generation ago almost nobody recycled or composted – now most of us do it!

Please contact us to discuss this idea further.

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The Billion Dollar Opportunity

Smart Giving

With all of the best intentions to be charitable, we also need to make sure that our money and effort gets to the causes we intend to support.

Our friends at Imagine Canada provide a very useful Guide to Giving. Check it out for some great suggestions and resources.

Here are a few tips for smart giving…

  • Ensure the legitimacy of the charity by making sure it is registered, and thus monitored by the CRA.

  • Always ask if you will be given an official donation receipt for your records.

  • Once you have checked the legitimacy of the charity, concentrate your donations so you can make a difference, and consider your on-going commitment so the charity can count on you each year. Setting up a monthly donation is a great way to do this. Ask your favourite charity about monthly giving.

  • Be proactive. Become a partner with your selected charities. Learn more about them and see if you can help in other ways. Consider including them in your annual budget and in your will if you have one.

  • And perhaps the most important consideration: choose causes and charities which you are passionate about, have personal connections, and/or enjoy hearing about their successess. After all, giving is personal.

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